How to Send Blank Message, Set Blank Status and About on WhatsApp

Sending a blank message, setting up an empty status and about on WhatsApp is a simple task. Here’s how you can do that on Android:

Send Blank WhatsApp Message

​Install and open the Blank Message (for WhatsApp) app.

​Choose “Rows” or “Characters” and then its number from the drop-down list as per your wish.

​Hit the “Send” button.

Send button

​Now, you should be in the “Send to” screen of WhatsApp. Find and tap the contact or group to whom you want to send an empty message.

​Tap the “Tick” icon at the bottom.

Tick icon

​Now, you should be in the chosen contact OR group chat screen, and you can see the empty message in the Compose Box.

​Hit “Send” icon.

Empty WhatsApp message

Set Blank WhatsApp Status

Install and open Blank Message (for WhatsApp) app.

​Hit the “Clipboard” button.

​Now, open WhatsApp.

​Tap “Status” tab and then hit the “Pencil” icon at the bottom.

​Paste copied blank text (Long press and you can see “Paste” option. Hit it). Change the color by tapping the “Color palette” icon if you wish.

​Hit “Send” icon.

Empty WhatsApp status

Set Blank WhatsApp About

​Install and open the Blank Message (for WhatsApp) app.

​Now, hit the “Clipboard” button.

Clipboard button

​Open WhatsApp.

​Hit the Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top.

​Tap Settings > your profile photo.

​Now, you can see “About and phone number” section, and beneath it, you can see yours about. Tap on it.

​Hit the “Pencil” icon beside the current about. Remove the current one and then paste the copied blank text (long press on the field and you can see “Paste” option. Tap on it).

​Hit “OK” at the bottom.

Empty WhatsApp about

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