Basic Blogger Settings

If you are a beginner, then configuring basic Blogger settings may be a tedious task.

In this post, we will see the basic settings that you need to configure on Blogger. Let’s get started.

Basic Settings on Blogger that You Need to Configure

Select the blog and go to "Settings".


  • Under Basic, you can change the title and description of your blog. Provide the description for your blog which describes your blog content. This blog description will be shown in your blog below blog title.
  • The Blogger privacy settings has 2 options; Make sure that the yes is selected for both options.
Basic Section of Blogger

Posts, Comments and Sharing

  • “Show at most” is the number of posts which will be shown on your main page. If you set the value as 2, then 2 posts will be displayed on the main page.
  • In the “Comment Location”, make sure embedded is selected. Also, you have the option to use Google+ comments on your blog.

Language and Formatting

  • The language option allows you to choose the language in which you want to use your Blogger blog.
  • Choose the time zone as per your location.
Language and Formatting section

Search Preferences

  • I've talked about all the Search Preferences options in this guide; Check it out.


Site Feed

Allow Blog Feed

  • “Allow Blog Feed” option is used to select how much content you want to share. Check it out this screenshot which clearly explains each option.
Allow Blog Feed options

Post Feed Redirect URL

  • If you use feed management service like Feedburner, then you need to use this option to redirect your feed.

Post Feed Footer

  • If you use ads or third party feed additions, then you can add the code here which will appear after each post. You should set the allow blog feed option to full to use this option.

Google Analytics option allows you track your blog. Check it out this article to add Google Analytics to Blogger.

What's next? Check it out our Blogger Beginner's Guide.

I hope that the information in this guide is useful to you. If it is, share this guide with your friends.

Basic Blogger Settings

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