How to Back Up Text Messages on Android

In this post, you’ll see the steps to back up and restore SMS on Android. In this instance, I’m using Android 10. Let’s get started.

How to Back Up Text Messages on Android

Install and open the SMS Backup & Restore app.

Hit the “Get Started” button.

Provide permissions for the app.

You can now see the primary screen. Tap on the “Set Up A Backup” button.

You’re on the “Set Up Backup” screen now, where you can choose what to back up. You’ll be provided with two options – one is to back up SMS, and another is to back up the call log.

Leave the “Messages” option intact and turn off the “Call logs” option.

Hit “Advanced Options.”

If you wish, disable the “Media, pictures, videos, group messages (MMS)” option, which is enabled by default.

By default, the app backs up all messages. If you prefer, you can back up selected conversations only. To do that, tap on “Selected conversations only.”

If you select the “Selected conversations only” option, the next step you need to do is to tap on “0 conversations selected.”

You should now be on the screen where you can select the messages you want to include in the backup.

After you select messages, tap on the “Back” button.

Hit the “Next” option.

You can see the backup storage options now. The options are – Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Your phone. Here, I’m choosing “Google Drive.”

You’ll now be on the “Google Drive Setup” screen.

Tap “Log In” at the top.

Select the type of access and then tap “OK.”

Choose the Google account you prefer and then tap “OK.” Provide permission for the app by tapping “Allow.”

Configure the other options available there if you wish.

Tap on “Test” at the bottom to confirm everything is correctly set up. Hit “Save” at the bottom.

You’ll now be on the storage options screen again. Scroll down until you see the “Only Upload” section. Set up options (“Over Wi-Fi” and “While charging”) as per your choice.

Hit “Next.”

You can now see the options to schedule a recurring back up.

You can turn off the recurring back up (To do this: disable the switch at the top and tap “OK” in the pop-up), or you can set it up as per your wish.

If you wish, hit “Advanced Options” and set up the options available there.

Hit on “Back Up Now” at the bottom.

That’s all. The app will back up your text messages and store them on Google Drive.

Keep in mind that the backup file is a single file in XML format.

To view backups, tap on the three vertical lines at the top. Hit “View backups.”

You can now see your backups.

Tap on the backup you prefer, and you can see the conversations in that backup. Tap on the conversation you prefer and you will see the messages in it.

Note: You can also see the backups in Google Drive. If you open the backup in the Google Drive app, then you can see it in XML format.

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How to Restore Text Messages on Android

To restore SMS from the backup, follow the steps below:

Tap on the three vertical lines at the top.

Hit “Restore.”

You’ll now be on the “Restore Backup” screen. From there, you need to select the backup location from where you want to restore.

Tap your backup location. I tap “Google Drive Location.”

Now, you can see the “Messages” option, and the most recent backup is selected by default.

If you want to restore a different backup, tap on “Select Another Backup” and choose the one you prefer.

Disable the “Call logs.”

Hit “Advanced Options” and configure the options available there (if you wish).

Tap “Restore.”

Now, you can see a pop-up that asks you to set “SMS Backup & Restore” as default SMS app for the restoration process. Tap “OK” on the pop-up.

In the pop-up, choose “SMS Backup & Restore,” and then hit “Set as default.”

That’s all. The app will begin the restoration process.

After the restoration, set your previous messaging app as the default SMS app.