How to Backup and Restore IMEI in Android

The rooted Android phone allows us to do a lot of customizations including custom ROM. However, there is a possibility to lose IMEI numbers while flashing or updating ROM in Android devices.

If you lost your IMEI number during those processes, then your phone loses the ability to make and receive a call. To avoid this issue, you need to take a backup of the IMEI numbers.

Backup and Restore IMEI on Android

Let’s see a quick overview of IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile station Equipment Identity. It is a unique identity number assigned to each mobile device.

To check the IMEI numbers of your mobile, just type *#06# in the mobile dial pad. It will show your device IMEI numbers. I recommend you to take a Nandroid backup before making any changes. Let’s get started.

Backup IMEI [Rooted MTK Android Device Only]

Unfortunately, the mobileuncle tools app isn’t available on the play store. However, the app is still available in other app stores.


  • Download and install the app.
  • Grant root access permissions to the app.
  • Click on “IMEI Backup Restore (MTK)” option.
  • Now, you can see 4 options. The first 2 options are to backup IMEI and the last 2 options are to restore IMEI.

backup IMEI and Restore IMEI options

1. Backup IMEI to SDCARD(MTK) – used to backup to your internal storage.

2. Backup IMEI to SDCARD2(MTK) – used to backup to your SD card.

  • You can choose the option as per your wish. In this instance, I’m choosing the second option.
  • Tap “Ok” for the confirmation message.

That’s it. Now, you can see the backup file on the SD card. I recommend you to keep a copy of this backup file to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox) or on the Laptop.

Restore IMEI

In case your IMEI numbers are lost, then you can use IMEI backup to restore.

  • If your backup is on the internal phone storage, use the “Restore IMEI from SDCARD (MTK)” option.
  • If your backup is on the SD card, use the “Restore IMEI from SDCARD2 (MTK)” option.

For Samsung Devices

  • Install and open EFS IMEI Backup app. Grant root access permissions to the app.
  • Choose the download location.
  • You can see 3 backup formats.
  • Choose the Raw partition image (img).
  • Click on save EFS (IMEI) backup.

You can use the restore option in the app for restoring purpose.

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