How to Automatically Shutdown Computer at a Specific Time

You can make your computer to automatically shutdown at a specific time in two simple ways. You can do it using task scheduler or Airytec Switch Off software.

Let's check it both the ways in detail.​

Automatically Shutdown Computer at a Specific Time


Task Scheduler


  • Press Windows key. Type task and it’ll show task scheduler.
  • Open task scheduler. Click on "Create Basic Task".
  • Provide the name and description (optional) to the task. Make sure the name is relevant and easy to remember. In this instance, I’m given the name as “PC Auto Shutdown” and description as “task scheduler shutdown”.
  • On the trigger screen, choose daily. Choose the time and press the next button.
  • On the action screen, choose "Start a Program".
  • Type the following program
  • C:windowssystem32shutdown.exe

  • In the "Add arguments" field, type /s which means the shutdown.
  • Start a program screen
  • In the summary screen, make sure all the settings are correct. Click on "Finish" button to save the task.

Airytec Switch Off

This software comes in portable and full version. I recommend you to install the full version because it has the remote shutdown option.


  • Install the software.
  • You can see the shutdown icon in the notification area. Click on "Shutdown" icon.
  • In the "Select schedule" drop-down list, choose daily.
  • Choose the time as per your need.
  • In the "Select action" drop-down list, choose shutdown (It is enabled by default).
  • Airytec Switch Off options
  • Click on "Enable Task" button.
  • Automatically shutdown computer task scheduled using Airytec Switch Off software

That’s all. Your PC will shut down every day at the scheduled time.

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