How to Automatically Shutdown Android at a Specific Time

By using Automateit app, you can make your Android device to automatically shutdown at a specific time. I've already talked about the Schedule power on and off. But, the drawback with that inbuilt feature is that you can schedule the auto shutdown for one specific time.

But with this app, you can create many shutdown rules to shutdown android at different times. It is important to note that this option works only on a rooted Android device. Let’s get started.

Automatically Shutdown Android at a Specific Time


  • Open the app. You’ve to create a new rule for the Android auto shutdown.
  • Click on "Add Rule" option.
  • Under the "Common" section, select the "Time Trigger".
  • Select the time in which you want your Android phone to be shut down automatically. Also, choose the Repeat frequency. The default one is Every Day (uncheck Every Day to see all the days in a week).
  • Automatically turn off android rule
  • Once you were done, click Next.
  • Now, you are in the "Action" screen. Under the "System", you can see the "Shutdown Device Action". Choose that action and you’ll be in the "Rule" screen now.
  • Provide the name for this rule. In this instance, I’m giving the name “Auto Shutdown” to this rule.
  • Click on "Save" icon at the top right corner to save the rule.

That’s it. From now on, it will shut down phone automatically at the time you specified. You can create many rules like the above one at different times for different days (if you need).

Remember that the phone will not boot up automatically. You’ve to manually boot up the phone when you need.

Tap the "My Rules" section to see the rules. If you want to edit your rule, tap on the rule name. Tap the edit rule option to edit the rule.

Android Auto Shutdown

Click on "ON" button to disable the rule. If you want to delete the rule permanently, tap "Delete Rule".

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How to Automatically Shutdown Android at a Specific Time

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