How to Automatically Forward Emails from One Gmail Account to Another

If you’ve multiple Gmail accounts, you’ve to open all the Gmail accounts individually to check your emails.

Gmail allows us to automatically forwarding all incoming emails from one Gmail account to another Gmail account.

This feature is really a time saver and you can see all your emails in one Gmail account.

It works for the new emails only (not for old emails and emails in the spam folder). Let’s get started.

Automatically Forward Emails From One Gmail Account to Another


Log into your primary Gmail account (This is the account where you will see all your forwarded emails).

Click on “Gear” icon > Settings > Labels tab > “Create new label” button.

Provide the name for the label. Make sure that the name will be easy for you to remember and remind you that the emails are forwarded from your another Gmail account.

In this instance, I’m giving the name “Forwarded Gmail messages”.

Click on “Create” button.

Now, the next step is to create a new filter.

Click on “Filter and Blocked Addresses” tab > “Create a new filter” link.

In the “To” field, provide the email address (Your another Gmail account).

Click on “Create filter with this search” link.

Enable “Apply the label” and select “forwarded Gmail messages” from the drop-down list.

Click on “Create filter” button.

Log into your another Gmail account.

Navigate to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > “Add a forwarding address” button.

Provide the primary Gmail account address and click “Next”.

Click on “Proceed” button in the popup window. A verification email has been sent to the primary Gmail account.

Now, log into your primary Gmail account.

Open verification email and click on the verification link.

After you complete the verification process, log into your another Gmail account.

Navigate to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

Enable the “forward a copy of incoming mail to” option. Make sure that the primary Gmail account is selected.

Click on “Save changes” button.

That’s all. From now on, all incoming emails of your another Gmail account will be automatically forwarded to the primary Gmail account.

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