How to Enable or Disable Auto-Update in Play Store

In this post, you’ll see how to allow or disallow auto-update for the individual and all apps in the Play Store.

Here, I’m using Google Pixel 4a (Android 12). Let’s start.

How to Turn On or Off Auto-Update for Specific App

Here are the steps to enable or disable auto-update for an individual app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and tap the profile picture at the top.
  2. Select “Manage apps & device,” and navigate the Manage tab.
  3. Locate the app you want and hit it.
  4. Now tap the three vertical dots at the top right.
  5. Uncheck the “Enable auto update” option if you wish to disable auto-update for the app. Otherwise, please enable it.

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How to Enable or Disable Auto-Update for All Apps

The Play Store automatically updates apps when you’re on Wi-Fi by default.

Here are the steps to turn it on or off:

Open the Play Store app and tap on the profile picture at the top right.

Select Settings > Network preferences > Auto-update apps.

You can see these three options in the popup:

  • Over any network – This option auto-updates apps regardless of the internet connection type.
  • Over Wi-Fi only – This one auto-updates the apps only when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Don’t auto-update apps – This one disables the auto-update.

Select the one you prefer and tap “Done.”

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.