How to Auto Shutdown PC After Media Player Finished Playback

Have you ever be in this situation?

Watching a movie at night, get slept in the middle of the movie and the computer is running all the night? If yes, then this post is especially for you.

The solution to this issue is auto shutdown PC after playback. Most of the popular media players come with this feature and unfortunately, some players don’t.

In this post, we will look at the steps to use this feature on all the popular players. Let’s get started.

Auto Shutdown PC After Playback

  • Play the movie in the Pot Player.
  • Right click on the player.
  • Choose misc > when finished > perform the action once finished playing the current file
  • Make sure the “action: shut down” is selected.

That’s it. It will shutdown the PC automatically after the current file finished playing.

  • Play the movie in KMPlayer.
  • Press F2. Navigate to General > Repeat/Playlist.
  • The “playback order” section is for the current file and “when finished” section is for the playlist.
  • If you want to auto shutdown the PC after the movie playback finished, choose the shutdown from video drop down list (see screenshot).
  • shutdown windows (once) is selected in video drop down list

That’s it. The PC will auto shutdown after playback.

The shutdown setting is for only one time. So, if you want to auto shutdown PC next time, then you need to configure this again.

  • Open Gom Player and play the movie.
  • Now, select options > shutdown once finished playing the current file

The Windows will shutdown after playing the current file.

To shutdown after finished playing the playlist, choose options > shutdown once finished playing files in the playlist.


The VLC don’t have this option as inbuilt. But, a simple batch file can do this task. You can check it out this page for creating the batch file.

Movie sleep timer is an application which puts the VLC to sleep after playback. If you wish, you can try it too.

Additional Hint

Run command is an easy way to open programs. Check it out this post and create run commands for your favorite media players.


In this post, I’ve covered some of the popular players.

If you are using other media players that are not mentioned here, then please search in the player settings for this option.

If it is not available, then I suggest you to switch over to any one of the media players that I've mentioned in this post.

I hope that this post is useful to you. If you like this post, share with your friends.

How to Auto Shutdown PC After Media Player Finished Playback

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