How to Change Author Base and Slug on WordPress

By default, the author archive page URL will be:

Default author base and slug

In the above URL:

"author" is called author base and it is the default author base.

The value you see in the place of "username" is called author slug and it is your "Username" in the profile. Take a look at above screenshot. In that URL, "thiru" is the author slug.

Now, we know the author base and slug in detail. Let's see how to change both of them on WordPress.

Change Author Slug on WordPress

You need to install a plugin to do this task and the following is an one that does this task well.

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    After you have installed and activated "Edit Author Slug" plugin, go to Users > Your Profile.
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    Scroll down until you see "Edit Author Slug" section.
Default Author Slug is selected
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    Select "Custom," clear the value already present there and then enter the author slug as per your wish. In this instance, I'm entering "webmaster" as the slug.
Changed Author Slug
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    Click on "Update Profile" button.

That is all. Your author slug is successfully changed as per your wish.

Webmaster author slug

Make sure to do a redirect from old URL to new one. If you want to change author base too, then do not do the redirect for this, and do the redirect after you have changed author base.

Change Author Base on WordPress

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    Go to Settings > Edit Author Slug.
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    At the top, you can find "Author Base" field with the default value "author."
author is in the Author Base field
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    Clear the default value and type the one you want as author base. In this instance, let me provide the author base as "innovative."
Changed Author Base
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    Click "Save Changes" button.

That is all. The author base is changed successfully.

Innovative author base

The plugin also has other options such as Role-Based Author Base, Automatic Author Slug Creation, and Bulk-Update Author Slugs. Play with it if you need.

Remove Author Base on WordPress

If you want to remove author base, then check out this page. The code on the page can help you with that.

However, make sure that the author base is the default one before you try the code.

I hope this article is useful to you. If it is, share with your friends.

How to Change Author Base and Slug on WordPress

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