A Guide on Android Phone Settings

In this post, we’ll see:

Turn On or Off Assisted Dialling

Assisted dialling automatically predicts and adds a country code when you dial while traveling abroad. Here’s how you can enable or disable it:

  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Hit three vertical dots at the top right > Settings > Assisted dialling.
  3. Now, hit Assisted dialling to turn on or off assisted dialling. Remember that the Blue means enabled.

Change Home Country

By default, the Phone app automatically sets your home country based on your phone number.

Here’s how you can change your home country if you wish:

  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Tap three vertical dots at the top > Settings > Assisted dialling > Default home country.
  3. Choose the one you want in the pop-up.

Customize Quick Responses

Most of the Android devices come with four quick responses by default. If you wish, you can customize it, and here’s how:

  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Tap three vertical dots at the top.
  3. Hit Settings which you can find between Call history and Help and feedback.
  4. Tap Quick responses which you can find between Sounds and vibration and Calling accounts.​
  5. Now, tap the one you wish to customize. In the pop-up, you can input the text you want and then tap Ok.
Quick response popup

That’s it. You can view the change now.

Repeat the above step for all the quick responses you want to customize.

And let me explain how to use this.

As you know, you can reject a call by swiping down the Phone icon, and you need to swipe it up to accept the call.

But, if you want to use a quick response, you need to tap the Reply button.

Now, you can see the four quick responses and an option to write your message.

You can choose any of the quick responses you prefer or the option to write the message (in the pop-up, you need to enter your message and then hit the Send option).

The call will get rejected, and the person who called you will receive the quick response you chose or the text you entered as SMS.

Turn On or Off Call Waiting

  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Tap three vertical dots at the top > Settings.
  3. Now, you can view Calling accounts, which you can find between Quick responses and Blocked numbers. Hit it.
  4. Hit the SIM card you want.
  5. Tap Additional settings.
  6. Tap Call waiting. Remember that the Green means enabled.

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