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How to Create App Folder on Android

App Folder is a folder that contains app shortcuts.

In this post, we will see the steps to create app folder on Android. Let's get started.

Create App Folder on Android

Long press the app shortcut you want on the home screen. In our instance, it is Facebook.

Drag and drop it on another app shortcut you want. In our instance, it is Facebook Messenger.

That is all. Now, you can see an app folder on the home screen.

By default, the app folder's name is "Unnamed Folder." If you prefer, you can rename it.

To do that, tap the app folder and then tap "Unnamed Folder." Now, you can enter the name you want and then hit "Back" button. After the rename, you can see the name inside of and beneath the app folder.

App folder with its name beneath it

Here are some other important things to note:

  • Drag and drop the app shortcut that you want to add in the app folder you want.
  • An app folder contains at least two app shortcuts.
  • You can create as many app folders as you want.
  • To remove an app shortcut from app folder - First, open app folder and then drag and drop the app shortcut on the home screen or remove it entirely from the home screen.
  • To remove an app folder, drag and drop the app shortcuts from app folder to the home screen.
  • Alternatively, you can remove app folder by removing it entirely (long press the app folder, you can see "Remove" option at top, drag and drop the app folder on the "Remove" option). When you follow this method, not only app folder but the app shortcuts within it also get deleted.

I hope this guide is useful to you. If it is, share with your friends.

How to Create App Folder on Android

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