Best Google Adsense Alternatives

If you are a regular reader of Technology Hint, then you have noticed that I've used many ad networks on this blog.

Among all of them, Adsense is the best.

But, if you don't have the Adsense approval yet or your Adsense account got disabled​, then you need to use the Google Adsense alternatives.

In this post, we will see 2 alternatives to Adsense which I've tried in the past. Let's get started.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives



Infolinks is a popular in-text advertising network (CPM and CPC based).

You can get the approval easily. Visit and sign up for the publisher account. You'll receive the approval within 1-3 days.

Here are the Infolinks ad formats​:

  • Intext
  • Intag
  • Inframe
  • Inscreen
  • Inarticle
  • Infold

Minimum payout: $50 (NET45)

Payment methods:


  • If you use the in-text ad format, then it will not occupy any ad space on your blog.
  • Easy approval and integration.


  • You may see the same ads a lot.


Media.Net is a contextual ad network which is powered by Yahoo! Bing network.

They are offering display ads and text ads. Getting the approval for Media.Net is a difficult one when comparing with the other 2 advertising networks listed in this post.

You need to have a quality blog to get approval from Media.Net. Go to Media.Net and sign up for an account. site management

​Minimum payout: $100

Payment method: PayPal or wire transfer


  • Quality of the ads are high.
  • Multiple ad unit sizes.


  • They don't have plugin like other ad networks do.

I want to share some things with you before you are get started with these advertising networks.

1. Look at these two scenarios:

  • You'll earn nothing
  • You'll earn decent amount of money

These are two sides of the coin (ad networks). I've not earned anything from these ad networks. But at the same time, many bloggers are earning handful of money out of it.

It depends on a lot of things such as niche, traffic and so on. It varies for each blog and so the income is.

So don't go with the intention that it will bring you the handful of money. Because, you may end up making nothing or $0.02/day (something like that). So, my suggestion for you is try out an ad network for 15-30 days. If it is working for you, continue it. Otherwise, get rid of it and try another alternative.

2. Don't expect the Adsense revenue (CPC and RPM) from these ad networks. Exceptionally, you may receive more money than Adsense. But, it is rare.

3. You have to receive US, UK and Canada traffic to earn more money from these advertising networks.​

Final Thoughts

You know your blog and your readers more than anyone else. So, choose an ad network which is suitable for your blog and readers.

​I hope these good Adsense alternatives will be useful for you to monetize your blog.

If you find the information in this post useful, share this post with your friends which may be useful for them.​

If you already worked with these ad networks, let us know your experiences and thoughts. If you haven't tried any of them before, let us know which ad network you prefer.

Share your thoughts with us on the comments section below and it will be useful for all the readers and help them to save their time and effort.​

Disclaimer: This post may contains affiliate links. This means I'll receive commission if you purchase the product via my link. Thanks for your support.


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