How to Add Sidebar Launcher Feature to Android

One important feature of Ubuntu for phones is app launcher. A swipe from the left edge of the screen allows you to quick launch apps from anywhere in the OS.

You can bring the same feature on Android by using the Glovebox - Side launcher app.

By using this app, just make a single swipe from the top left, top right, right and/or left to launch the apps, widgets, folders, action, toggle and shortcuts.

It is one of the most customizable sidebar apps since it offers multitasking and easy navigation between apps. Let’s get started.

Add Sidebar Launcher to Android


  • Install and open the app.
  • Click the "Plus" icon.
  • You can add apps, folders, widgets, action, toggle and shortcuts you want quick access to (up to 8 in free version). Also, you can drag and drop the apps to change its display order in sidebar launcher.

That's it. The sidebar launcher is now ready with your favorite apps. If you want to remove any apps from the sidebar launcher, then just slide the app.

Click on Gear icon to configure the settings. Let’s check it the important options that you can configure to get the best out of this app.

  • The Trigger option allows you to choose the screen sides where the trigger will be enabled. It also provides many options to configure such as trigger sensitivity, trigger style and so on.
  • The sidebar option allows you to change the configurations of the sidebar behavior such as full swipe action and quick swipe action. Under the app info section, you can configure the app information related settings.
  • In the personalization section, change the theme, sidebar density, sidebar effects and icon pack. There are many themes available. So play with the themes.
  • The unread counts option will work only when you download the plugin apps from the play store. The "Glovebox Unread" is a free app and the "Missed It" is a pro app.
  • Click the more option. There you can see the backup and restore. You can use those features which will come in handy if you’ve messed up with your current settings.
  • Quiet Hours feature helps to save the battery by disabling the service at the time mentioned. You can set the time when you want this feature to get activated.
  • Added sidebar launcher to Android

If you want to turn off this app permanently, click on Gear icon. At the top right corner, you can see the slider. Slide it to off.

I would recommend you to try this app if you like the sidebar feature. Try the free features before purchasing the pro version.

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