How to Add Google Custom Search to Blogger

If your blog contains many posts or your blog navigation is quite complicated for the users, then you should use a search box on your blog.

A search box provides great user experience and is useful for users to search topics on your blog. Blogger has a search feature in the Navbar (Navigation Bar) and you also have the option to add built-in Blogger search box on your blog.

But, the main drawback is that the search results generated by these search boxes are not exact. In this case, you can use Google custom search to get better search results on your blog.

Google custom search engine is a product developed by Google which is used for inner site search. In simple words, when users search for a particular keyword, it will display all the relevant content on your site.

It provides a lot of customization options, layout options, voice search and images search feature. You can also monetize search result pages if you have a Google AdSense account.

It is better to have Google custom search engine on your blog. Because it will give exact search results to your users which will make them stay on your site for a longer period. Let's get started.

Add Google Custom Search to Blogger


add google custom search to blogger
  • Save
  • In “Sites to search”, add your site URL. You also have the option to create search engines for parts of your site or individual pages on your site.
  • Choose language. Name your search engine. In advanced options, you can add up to 10 types to your search engines (optional).
  • After you enter all the information, click on “Create” button. Now, you’ll see this screen.
Get code button
  • Save
  • Click on “Get code” and copy the code.
  • Log into your Blogger account.
  • Go to Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript.
  • Now, give a title (optional) and paste the code. Click on “Save” button.
Google Custom Search Engine on Blogger Blog
  • Save

That’s it. You’ve added Google custom search engine to your Blogger blog.

Under the “Edit search engine” in your custom search engine account, you have options to customize and monetize Google custom search engine.

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How to Add Google Custom Search to Blogger

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