How to Add Floating Window on Android

Floating window feature is available in the selective Android models.

By enabling the floating windows, your Android device will have multi-windows and you can perform multi-tasking.

You can have this feature on your Android phone with the help of Xposed installer, HALO))) and XHaloFloatingWindow. Let’s get started.

Add Floating Window on Android [Rooted Device Only]


  • Download and install HALO))).
  • I assume that you’ve already installed the Xposed installer on your Android phone. If not, you can download it from here.
  • If you are installing the Xposed installer now, go to the framework option in the app at the first run and click on the Install/Update button. Now, reboot the device. If you’ve already installed, ignore this step.
  • In the Xposed installer, click on "Download".
  • Search for the XHaloFloatingWindow. Download the module. Alternatively, you can download the XhaloFloatingWindow module.
  • After you installed the module, Go to "Modules" section in the Xposed installer.
  • Enable the XHaloFloatingWindow and Reboot or soft reboot your device.
  • Now, open the HALO))) app.
  • Click on "Pin" at the top right corner.
  • Select the apps that you want to add in the floating windows. Once you selected the apps, click on "Play" at the top.
  • add floating window - xhalo floating window
  • You can see all the apps (that are pinned) at the notification area. Tap the apps to launch.
add floating windows on android

That’s it. You’ve successfully installed floating windows on Android and you can now perform multitasking.

Go to the XHaloFloatingWindow (icon appear in the app drawer). There you can see many options to customize (I recommend you to enable the movable & resizable option). Change the settings and customize it as per your need.

To stop the apps from displaying in the notification area, we need to stop the service in the app. Go to the HALO))) app and click on "Stop" at the top right corner to stop the service.

If you want to remove any app from pinned apps, just click on the app name and the apps will be removed from pinned apps (You need to stop the service, before removing pinned apps).

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