How to Mute WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp Mute feature lets you mute contact and group chats.

When you mute a chat, then it’ll not play a notification soundvibrate, and show the notification when it receives a message.

Keep in mind that the muted chat will remain the same until you unmute it or the chosen duration expires.

With that said, let’s see how to do this task on Android.

Mute WhatsApp Chat

Open WhatsApp.

If you’re going to mute a chat, then long press it. If you’re going to mute multiple conversations, then long press the one you want to mute and then hit the remaining ones you want to mute. If you’re going to mute all chats, then long press a conversation, hit Overflow menu (three vertical dots), and then tap “Select all.”

Now, at the top, beside the “Archive,” you can see the “Mute” icon. Tap it.

Mute icon

In the popup, choose the duration you prefer. The durations are – 8 hours, 1 week, and 1 year. Select “Show notifications,” if you want the notifications to be shown when you receive a message from the selected chat(s). Else, leave it intact.

Popup showing durations and Show notifications option

Hit “Ok.”

That’s all. The chat(s) you’ve chosen are muted successfully.

Alternatively, you can mute a single chat using the below steps too.

Open WhatsApp.

Hit the chat you want to mute.

Tap the name at the top.

Hit “Mute notifications.”

Choose the duration you want. Select the “Show notifications” if you prefer.

Tap “Ok.”

Remember that in the “Chats” tab, if you see a “Mute” symbol on the chat, then it means that is a muted chat.

Mute symbol

Let’s see how to unmute a muted WhatsApp chat.

In the WhatsApp, select the muted chat(s) you want to unmute. Hit the “Unmute” icon at the top.

Unmute icon

Alternatively, you can unmute a single chat using the below step too.

Open WhatsApp.

Hit the muted chat you want to unmute.

Tap the name at the top.

Hit the toggle beside “Mute notifications.”

That’s it. All done.

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